What’s on this week

Open All Week:  Christian Bookshop 9am – 5pm

Monday 19th October

7:30pm Hampel’s Home Group

Tuesday 20th October

9am Pastoral Care Group
9:30am Men’s Bible Study
2pm Murraylands Service

Wednesday 21st October

10am – 2pm Coffee Shop – also open Thursday and Friday
10am NO Daytime Bible Study this week
10am Let’s Get Together craft group
7:30pm Various Home Groups

Saturday 24th October
7:29am Men’s Bible Study

Sunday 25th October

10am Worship Service: speaker Grant Spangenberg




Sunday 1st November MASH fellowship lunch (MASH = Meals At Someone’s Home)

Sunday 8th November Guest speaker Terry Baxter (MMM)

Saturday 21st November @ 7:30am Breakfast with Senator David Fawcett

Sunday 29th November: advent Sunday combined with Bookshop 40th Anniversary

Sunday 13th December: Sunday School break-up.