Visit our church bookshop

A wide selection of Bibles

The Murray Bridge Church of Christ Bookshop at 32 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge has been serving our community for many decades.

It is the only bookshop in Murray Bridge selling a wide range of Bibles, inspirational books and DVDs, Christian literature on a wide range of topics and a wonderful range of cards covering many special events of life. There is even a range of gifts for sale as well.

The Bookshop is open Tuesday through to Friday every week from 9:30 am to 4 pm (and please note a small change of closing time).

Please talk to our volunteer staff. They happy to assist you chose the right item for your needs.

 Walk through to the Coffee Shop and have a cuppa or a light lunch with great company on Wednesdays to Fridays 10 am to 2 pm.

If we haven’t got what you are looking for, we will endeavour to get it for you.

For photos and more information go to our special website page here.


Huge selection of cards for all occasions