The miracle of creation


Grevillea flower

Grevillea flower

Over the years my wife and I have been for many walks in a variety of locations around Australia.  The miracle of God’s creative hand is in evidence wherever we look. The wild flowers give the bushland around Murray Bridge great splashes of colour everywhere. Wildflowers like wattles, cassias and orchids can be found in profusion in many places.

On my early morning walks the native birds drown out all other sounds.  The harmonious calls of the Grey Shrike-Thrush echoes through the hills near our home. Honeyeaters zip from flower the flower seeking out breakfast. The Magpies carol incessantly while the Red Wattlebirds go about feeding their constantly hungry offspring. Yes, all around me, I can see evidence of the creative hand of God.


The miracle of God’s creation can be seen everywhere. All we have to do is to open our eyes to see the daily miracle of creation all about us. Don’t forget to praise God for the beauty all around us, whether that is in a single pot-plant or a large conservation park full of splashes of colour in every direction. Stop and listen to the birds singing their praises, and give thanks for the blessing to be able to see and hear them.

The miracle of creation is inspiring. I never cease to be amazed and delighted by it. Far greater, however is another miracle, the miracle of salvation. To think that almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the Earth – oh, and He also made the stars – was prepared to give us His only Son as saviour. That Jesus Christ was prepared to die in my place is an amazing miracle. That He was prepared to sacrifice His life so that I might live forever is a miracle. How amazing!