Praying for others


Are you like me and sometimes wonder how to pray for those who are ill or in any sort of difficulty? We often assume that healing or the removal of the difficulty is what would be best, but that is not always God’s will for that dear one.  There are many lessons that God needs to teach us that can only be learned when we allow Him Who knows what is best and to accept the hard times as evidence of His loving training which will make us more like our Lord Jesus Christ, which is His ultimate aim for each of us.

Warren Wiersbe, long time pastor and author of many books, especially the “Be” books, wrote this:
An associate of mine, a gifted secretary, was going through great trials.  She had had a stroke, her husband had gone blind and then he had to be taken to hospital where (we were sure) he would die. I saw her in Church one Sunday and assured her I was praying for her.
“What are you asking God to do?” she asked, and her question startled me.
“I’m asking God to help you and strengthen you,” I replied.
“I appreciate that,” she said, “but pray about one more thing.  Pray that I will have the wisdom not to waste all of this.”
She knew the meaning of James 1 v 5 and 6. James not only explained what to ask for (wisdom) but he also described how to ask (in faith).

Another suggestion is to not only tell the loved one that you are praying for them but to write your prayer in an email or in a card to them.  It is much more personal to write ‘I am praying that you will know God’s loving arms around you during this difficult time and that you will especially be reminded of His lovely promise to you – “I will never leave you or forsake you.”