OAC Ministries here this Sunday


This coming Sunday 21st February we have the pleasure of welcoming our guest speaker, Rob George from OAC Ministries.

Rob is the International President of OAC Ministries and we are privileged to have him visit. On their OACM website he says:

“I love preaching in the open air to large, attentive crowds, as sometimes (but certainly not always) happens in various countries. Once, in Kenya, at a night film meeting with over 400 people there, you could have heard a pin drop! The “holy hush” as some have described it. Most recently this occurred for me in Lima, Peru with over 200 at an afternoon meeting.

Great visuals enliven any presentation. The fluorescent light and paints for night open airs is especially good, as is an intriguing magic trick that packs a powerful message. Also, knowing your audience, to adapt the presentation to their level of understanding.”