Kairos Prison Ministry April 9th to 12th 2013


Biscuits & Slices. We would really appreciate if our church could make a total of 30 Dozen handmade Biscuits or Slices that do not require refrigeration.

    • Please place biscuits or slices in clean ice cream containers and write the amount and type of biscuits that are inside, on the lid for identification. Please do not use “snap lock” bags.
    • Decorated biscuits are very sought after, but remember no “sprinkled on” or “rolled in” icing sugar as that could be seen by the Prison staff to be a contraband item (LOL), but the biscuits can be iced.
    • Any dried fruit should be chopped up finely. (Prison Requirement)
    • Please no nuts in any biscuits due to possible nut allergies.
    • Individually wrapped chocolates (E.G. Cadbury Roses etc.) are very welcome as they are used in the “Forgiveness baskets.”

Letters. All that is required is just two or three short paragraphs on an A5 sheet. For example; it can be helpful to write about the forgiving nature of God or to include a personal example of receiving forgiveness.

    • Please write 24 hand written and legible letters of encouragement, expressing God’s love to the prisoners. Alternatively, a small (Bible study) group may want to write the 24 letters between them.
    • The envelopes need to be left open as the prison staff will inspect every letter.
    • Please address those letters with: “Dear Friend”, “Dear Brother in Christ” or similar.
    • In total we would love to get around 22 bundles of 24 letters from people willing to write some letters. Please deliver the letters in bundles of 24.

Place Mats. Please encourage your (Sunday School) children to make up place mats – use an A4 sheet of paper in “landscape” – get the kids to colour in and write a simple message on it.  Only first names please.

Posters. Please encourage children and adults in your congregation/ family & friends to help create A4 posters that express the love and hope found in Christ. Either in “landscape” or “portrait” layout,. First names only please!

Regarding Agape deadlines, all biscuits, slices & chocolates, all letters, posters and placemats preferably need to be in by Sunday 7th April, but no later then 9.30am Tuesday morning

Tax Deductible Donations. Sufficient operating funds are a crucial component for KAIROS to be able to continue this vital work for the Lord! And anyone who maybe willing to partake in the work, by contributing in a monetary way would be greatly appreciated!

Prayer Vigil
We would like to invite you to be a “Prayer Partner” for the next KAIROS short course.  (Sorry – this link is no longer relevant and has closed. )

For any questions please contact Chris De Nieuwe M: 0416 098 356 or Michael De Nieuwe M: 0414 816 519      or P: 8542 8110