Special Guest Speaker tomorrow

Global Mission Partners



Tuesday 13th June at 6 pm.

Bring a plate of food to share for dinner.

Special Guest Speaker: Val Zerna from Global Mission Partners (GMP)

Val has just returned from the World Convention in India and she also visited Vietnam.

The whole church is invited to come and share in this special night. 

An offering will be taken in support of the good work of GMP.

Read more information about Global Mission Partners here.

CareWorks Offering Day 2017 March 5th



Working with and alongside local Churches of Christ, CareWorks seeks to embody God’s love and address the needs of some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Your donations make a world of difference as we work together.

Here’s the difference you can make:

  • Your gift of $10 helps CareWorks clothe a disadvantaged person at an Op Shop.
  • Your gift of $20 helps assist an at-risk child through the Wellbeing Classroom project.
  • Your gift of $40 helps a person stay a night at OASIS.
  • Your gift of $55 helps CareWorks to provide an emergency food hamper to a family.
  • Your gift of $75 is equivalent to the average amount paid towards a struggling family’s utility bill.

Offering envelopes are available through your church, or go to www.givenow.com.au/careworkssa

You can learn more about the ministries of CareWorks SA here.


Mission Quiz Night tomorrow



Saturday 25th February

This special night will commence with a pooled tea at 6 p.m. at the church, followed by a fun-filled evening hosted by Geoff and Tarnya Brennan.

Bring some food, ten $1 coins and a pen.

All welcome – bring a friend or two as well.


Mission Quiz Night



Saturday 25th February

This special night will commence with a pooled tea at 6 p.m. at the church, followed by a fun-filled evening hosted by Geoff and Tarnya Brennan.

Bring some food, ten $1 coins and a pen.

All welcome – bring a friend or two as well.

Mission Focus for February

Scripture Union, Australia


The mission focus for our church in February will be the Scripture Union.

Scripture Union is a movement of Christians which works with churches to make God’s Good news known to children, young people and families, and to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through Bible reading and prayer.

we do this so people will come to faith in Jesus Christ, grow in Christian maturity and become committed church members and servants to a world in need.

Further reading:


Special Guest Speaker this evening

Boniface Mpofu is the founding project director of Showers of Blessing Trust, which began in 2006, bringing clean water to drought-prone areas of Zimbabwe.

Showers of Blessing Trust is an agency of the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe.

It is a special privilege to have Boniface coming to South Australia in May.

You are warmly invited to share with Boniface at the following venues:

  • Wednesday 18 May, 6pm Shared Tea at Murray Bridge Church of Christ, 32 Seventh St, Murray Bridge (RSVP mbcofc@internode.on.net or 8532 2883)
  • Thursday 19 May, 2:30pm Afternoon tea at Western Communities Church of Christ – Mile End, Cnr Danby St & Henley Beach Rd, Torrensville
  • Friday 20 May, 10am Magill Church of Christ, 61 St Bernards Rd, Magill, including a Light Lunch (RSVP office@magillcc.org.au or 8332 6044)
  • Sunday 22 May 10am – Morning Worship at Balaklava Church of Christ, Baker St, Balaklava
  • 6pm – Evening Worship at Elizabeth Church of Christ, Cnr Short & Ashfield Rds, Elizabeth
  • Monday 23 May, 1:30pm Parkrose Village, 34 Norman Tce, Everard Park For further information contact Val Zerna – val@gmp.org.au or 8352 3466

Showers of Blessings, Zimbabwe

Showers of Blessing was established by the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe in 2007. The organization has been drilling wells in drought-prone rural areas since that time. A well makes a huge impact on a village. It provides safe water, reducing diseases like cholera and diarrhoea. Access to safe water means that a greater variety of vegetables can be grown, improving nutrition, which is especially important for people with HIV/Aids. Reliable water also means that new income-generating activities can be started, for example growing vegetables or brickmaking.

Read more – or donate – on the Global Mission Partners site.


Mission Focus for September



HISTORY (part one)

Stirling has a history of deep and wide roots which are firmly grounded in the Christian story. Our roots come from the early vision and commitment of men and women from the Churches of Christ movement. Even before the establishment of the College the need to train people involved in preaching and evangelism was recognised.

In 1871 one of the early advocates for founding the College wrote that no one   “can dispute the propriety and imperative necessity of our preachers being fully instructed in the sacred Word, and this is the prime object of the Bible College”.

The College of the Bible (COB), as it was first named, began with sixteen students under the tutelage of  Principal H.G. Harward on 19th February 1907. For a brief time, lectures were held in the Lygon Street Church of Christ at Carlton and then in a building on Rathdowne Street. With the assistance of a generous benefactor, the College moved in early 1910, to a four acre property at Glen Iris which at the time was an undeveloped  area south-east of Melbourne.

A year later, the second principal, A.R. Main, clarified the College’s reason for being.
The chief purpose of the College is to provide Biblical instruction and to furnish ample facilities in education for Christian ministry… to encourage an impartial and unbiased investigation of the Christian Scriptures, and in the spirit of devout faith in the Divine Word, freely to lay under tribute every source of light and truth available to modern scholarship.

The goal was the intellectually rigorous study of Scriptures and the equipping of men (and women since 1912) for mission and ministry.  Interestingly, the ‘modern scholarship’ of 1911, referred to by A.R. Main, was very much focussed on ‘the historical Jesus’.

Reflecting this interest, the subjects on offer were Bible Geography, the History of the Old and New Testaments, Biblical languages, homiletics, psychology and logic.  As the century went on, the initial focus on the history of the Bible developed into a concern for, and acknowledgement of, its interpretation as a living text.  This awareness of interpretation led into a growing maturity and richness of Christian understanding within the College and within Churches of Christ across Australia.

It also opened the way for the College leadership to participate deeply in the ecumenical
community and in wider Christian scholarship.  E.L. Williams was particularly influential in these areas through the middle decades of the twentieth century.

For further reading, go to their website here.

Our Church Coffee Shop reopens

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

This is a quick reminder that our church coffee shop has reopened today after a short winter break.

The shop is open 10am – 2pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week.

Come along for great drinks, delicious snacks and appetising meals – all in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Located at the church at 32 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge, it is an easy five minute walk from the main street.

Funds raised by the shop go towards supporting a variety of mission works here and overseas.


News from Open Doors



Revival in China

In 1981, China was the place where persecution was at its worst. Chairman Mao had died a few years earlier and had left his country with a strong communist heritage. Christians were forced to meet in secret and had no Bibles. Although it was almost impossible to access Bibles, the ever-growing Church was desperate and hungry for God’s life-changing Word.

It was also the year that Open Doors embarked on a journey like never before. In one single night, on a secluded beach in south-eastern China, Open Doors delivered one million Bibles to be distributed to persecuted Christians who had no access to God’s Word. This bold expedition was dubbed ‘Project Pearl’, with reference to the pearl of great price in Matthew 13:45–46 recognising the true value of Bibles.

In spite of this intense persecution, the Church grew. First with hundreds of thousands of people, and later even millions coming to faith in Christ. After 30 years, China has changed drastically in the political, economic and social realms, and is still changing to this day.

“We are so thankful for how our brothers and sisters around the world prayed for and supported us during some of the most extreme years of persecution. Now, it is our responsibility to stand with Christians in countries where they are facing persecution like we once did.”

– Fu*, Chinese Christian leader.

*name changed for security

Find out more:

  • To watch a video about the revival in China click here.
  • To read more about the current persecution of Christians in China click here.
  • To find out more about the mission of Open Doors, or to donate click here.


Mission Focus: Open Doors

Our mission focus for the month of July will be Open Doors

What does the Open Doors ministry do?

The following information and photos come from the Open Doors website:

Distributing Bibles

Providing Bibles and Christian literature
Open Doors provides a wide range of Biblical materials in various languages to persecuted Christians, including Study Bibles, Children’s Bibles, MP3 Bibles and discipleship literature.

Leadership Training

Training for leadership and discipleship
Open Doors offers training in effective church leadership and discipling others, in order to help believers grow in their faith and learn how to stand strong in the midst of persecution.

Sustaining lives, supporting livelihoods
Open Doors practically supports victims of persecution, violence and natural disaster. We
assist Christian families, widows and orphans with literacy training, livelihood and business opportunities.

Livelihood Support

Personal encouragement
Open Doors brings personal encouragement to many persecuted believers in various ways, including writing letters and cards of encouragement, as well as sending travellers to meet and pray with them in their local areas.

Speaking out in advocacy
Open Doors helps persecuted believers by advocating on their behalf, providing legal support, seeking positive policy changes and campaigning in Australia.

Raising awareness and encouraging prayer
Open Doors produces a range of resources that are available to Australian Christians, alerting them to the needs to the Persecuted Church and encouraging prayerful support.


For more information, and to donate click here.