Arson attempt on our church building

Many of you will by now aware that our church building was subject to an arson attack in the early hours of this morning, between 2 and 3 am.

The fire was started in our green bins which are kept in the drive-through section. It has severely damaged the roof of the drive-through and a few sheets of roofing iron adjacent to this area. There has been some water enter the passageway near the kitchen but there is no damage apparent.

There was considerable smoke in the chapel area but no damage. All the seats have needed to be vacuumed as well as the carpet. The Bookshop and Coffee Shop seem to have been almost totally unaffected. An electrician has attended and restored power throughout – except for the driveway area.

After some deliberation, it has been decided to continue with our worship service tomorrow morning as planned.

Anyone who has any respiratory problems should be aware that there may still be some smokiness remaining inside the building.

Our grateful thanks go to two very alert neighbours near the church who raised the alarm before more serious damage occurred.