What’s on this week

Open All Week:  Christian Bookshop 9am – 5pm

Monday 12th October

7:30pm Hampel’s Home Group

Tuesday 13th October

9am Pastoral Care Group
9:30am Men’s Bible Study
7:30pm Elders’ Meeting

Wednesday 14th October

10am – 2pm Coffee Shop – also open Thursday and Friday
10am Daytime Bible Study
7:30pm Board meeting

Saturday 17th October
7:29am Men’s Bible Study

Sunday 18th October

10am Worship Service: speaker Grant Spangenberg
12 noon Shared lunch
1pm Church AGM




Sunday 1st NovemberMASH fellowship lunch (MASH = Meals At Someone’s Home)


A matter of hope

Thomas Pettepiece in his writing Visions of a World Hungry notes, “Lord, there are people who have curled up and died in a corner for no reason other than they have lost hope. When there is no hope, there is no life. Without hope we give up – we lose our will to fight, to trust, to live.

When I begin to lose hope, too often I have forgotten that hope is inseparably connected to love and faith… Your love which powerfully confirms that You are not only the bringer of life, but You are Life… faith that receives love humbly and to respond with hope to even the most complicated problems.

Lord, we do not hope in ourselves, our technology, our governments, our laws, our tenacity, our courage, or our will, though these things are all necessary to conquer hunger and provide justice. We hope in You. Amen!”


As you each head into another new week, may the peace of God fill your hearts, minds and activities in which you engage every day. Amen.


Guest Speaker this Sunday

We are having a special Guest Speaker this coming Sunday 11th October 2015. The service, held in our worship centre at 32 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge, will commence at 10am.

Bishop Patrick Sookhdeo of the Barnabas Fund will speak on the topic “Christians in the Firing Line.

Our worship leader will be Ruhinda Bichengu and he will be assisted by a team of helpers.

As we observe the Lord’s Supper (Communion) we will be led by Phil Manning.

After the service all are invited to stay for a time of fellowship over a cuppa.

All welcome.


Churches of Christ Sunday

In the introduction to the book on the history of Churches of Christ in South Australia the editor observes, “Churches of Christ in South Australia form a small part of a great religious movement which began in the early years of the nineteenth century.” This Movement of churches now exists in more than 170 countries worldwide.

To celebrate this fact today is known as Churches of Christ Sunday. A key reason for this is the acknowledgement that, like many of us who worship here at the Murray Bridge Church of Christ, there are a lot of people in our churches who have, for one reason or another, not grown up with a Church of Christ background. They (we) are happy to be members and participants in their (our) local church and its mission and ministry.

This of course is what it is all about as we are all citizens in the Kingdom of God. The motto, “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love,” sums up the reasons for the existence of our community of faith in relation with fellow Christians and those who are ‘not-yet’ Christian. As we then gather for worship on this day may God be pleased with what we present to Him.

Simply – Christians Only

Given the nature of the day our pastor is preaching on the subject, “Simply – Christians Only.”

When we remember that we are to live as Christ’s ambassadors these words of James Fenhagen make a lot of sense. “Christian ministry is more than doing good. Ministry is an act of service performed either consciously or unconsciously in the name of Christ. Ministry (and indeed Mission) is Jesus expressing himself through us. It is born, not in activity, but in solitude, where through the Spirit we experience the power of life from within.

Prayer and life are indissoluble. In the stillness of meditative prayer we are confronted by God’s loving claim upon us – the most intense intimacy a human being can experience. To know this intimacy we have only to let go. Instead of relying on our won initiative, where we are in control, we discover that we are participating in what God has already initiated within us.”


Today, and in the week ahead, walk in the power and presence of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.