Mission Spot: Khayelihle Children’s Village, Zimbabwe

Great Gifts of Trade Tools to Build

One of the COCOA Great Gifts that has benefited Khayelihle Children’s Village (KCV) in Zimbabwe has been the provision of trade tools for the workshop.

KCV Director, Themba Nyoni, reports their appreciation:

“Since the tools are here our employees have been able to use them for general repairs around the farm. We have been able to fix our gates by the entrance of the village and the paddock gates destroyed by our livestock.

One man, whose wife is employed at KCV, has also been able to provide his services in our workshop. He has helped in the welding of burglar bars for the workshop, fixing the roof of the Guest House and also welding our trailer’s broken tailgate.

The workshop is a valuable asset to the village as it has assisted in cutting down our expenses. We have been able to put free air pressure into the tyres of our vehicles (in town you have to pay for this). With the welding, money is spent only for our electricity and the purchase of the iron rods. Being able to do these projects on our own makes us independent and proud.

Our aim is to have more skilled staff, who can train our older children to use the tools in the workshop and so generate income for the village.”

Mission Spot – Behind the smile

Behind the Smile (India)

There is the cheerful sound of happy children echoing around Ankoor Home. The students have just returned from their summer vacation. Seven new children have joined the student body with more newcomers expected over the next few days.

They have returned with stories to tell of their holidays with family. For the ten children without parents that spent their vacation at Ankoor, the family camp and sightseeing from a nearby hill station was a special highlight. Those who secured prizes for their singing and Bible quiz competitions were especially delighted.

While there are happy, relaxed faces in the safety of Ankoor home, for a few their home life is a different story. Amos, aged 12, has experienced significant trauma in his short life. His mother struggles with a mental illness and his father is currently in prison. His mother’s brother, who lived with them, intervened when Amos was being severely beaten by his dad. The uncle was subsequently murdered for his interference. Amos went into shock after witnessing this event. He has returned to school and is slowly regaining his equilibrium. Continue to pray for Amos.



CWF Southern Districts conference

9.30am Morning Tea for 10.00am start


Anyone wishing to go please see Aileen Harper

Murraylands Homes service today


Jean Jarvis Centre, Pugh Avenue, Murray Bridge.

Worship Service (with communion)

This afternoon at 2pm followed by fellowship during afternoon tea.

All welcome.

Chaplaincy dinner

Saturday 23rd August


in the Murray Bridge Church of Christ

32 Seventh Street, Murray Bridge.


Pick up free tickets TODAY from the church bookshop – this is the LAST DAY to book.

This is a fund raising dinner for the Schools Ministry Group (chaplaincy).

Coming events this week

Monday 18th August: 7.30pm Hampel’s Home group

Tuesday 19th August: 9am Pastoral Care meeting

Tuesday 19th August: 2pm Murraylands Homes service

Tuesday 19th August: 7:30pm Elders’ meeting

Wednesday 20th Aug – Friday 22nd August: Coffee Shop 10:00am – 2pm

Wednesday 20th August: 10.00am Craft Group

Wed 20th August: 7.30pm Mills & Pages Home Groups

Thursday 21st August: 9.30am CWF Conference, Victor Harbor

Thursday 21st August 7.30pm Spang’s Home Group at Spang’s

Sat 23rd August: 7.29am Men’s Bible Study

Saturday 23rd August: 6.00pm Chaplaincy Dinner

Sunday 24th August: 10am Worship and Communion

Now About Spiritual Gifts – The Most Excellent Way

In the Australian Psalm “Universal Praise” based on Psalm 67 we read,

May love divine be with us all and smile upon our common life,
till nations rise up in belief and own God’s power to save and heal.
Let all the nations praise you, God, let every nation praise you!
The gifts of land and sea increase; our God has blessed us to the full.
With generous love you heal us all; we stand in awe before such grace.

How good it is that once again we can meet at the start of another new week to worship our heavenly Father! May He be pleased with our worship as we present it to Him. Leading us as we do this will be Trevor Hampel, and then when it’s time for us to ‘break bread’ together our leader will be Steve Bown.

To anyone who may be present as a visitor it is our pleasure to have you joining with us. We would also like to invite you to stay after the service for a time of fellowship in our coffee shop.

When it comes time for the sermon this morning, Pastor Grant will bring the third message in his series on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, “Now About Spiritual Gifts – The Most Excellent Way.”

James considers it natural that a person with faith also has works. It is not a heavy and moralistic Christian duty; it is the Christian possibility and lifestyle – response comes with true faith.

On this theme, the Bible is clear and direct – God loves and cares for the poor. Jesus said to be perfect. In other words, to be imitators of the perfect God, to do as God does. If we are to love God, we are to love and care for the poor and hungry, too. “You will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16a) he said, and he meant that we are known by our ethical behaviour as illustrated by life experience.
(From Visions of a World Hungry by T. Pettepiece)


A night to forget

Come along tomorrow Friday August 15th for a forgettable, feckless evening of fiendish frivolity and ferocious fun.

Where: Murray Bridge Church of Christ 7 – 9pm.

This is a fundraiser to help pay for the church roof restoration. So bring along some money, a friend or three and a sense of humour.

Auction: some selected items will be auctioned on the night, including some carefully chosen human slaves.

Please bring a plate of supper and a coin donation.

The Holy Spirit’s Gifts of Grace

Welcome everyone to another Sunday morning worship service.

It is indeed good that we are able to gather together and offer our worship to our great God. To anyone who may be present as a visitor it is our pleasure to have you joining with us. We would also like to invite you to stay after the service for a time of fellowship in our coffee shop.

Leading us as our Worship Leader this morning is Chris Longden and when it comes time for us to celebrate the Lord’s Supper our leader will be Trevor Purdie.

Last Sunday Pastor Grant preached an introductory sermon dealing with the subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Today he will be building on this, the title of his message being simply “The Holy Spirit’s Gifts of Grace #2.” Next Sunday we will hear the third and final sermon in the series.

In an article entitled “The Key for Christian Living” the author states, “The key to Christian living is being controlled on a daily basis by the Holy Spirit. When believers are not filled or controlled by the Spirit of God, there is no progress. Since each true believer is indwelt by the Spirit (Romans 8:9), it is imperative that they yield their life moment-by-moment to the Spirit.

The apostle Paul scolded the Galatians by saying, “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now made mature in the flesh (Galatians 3:3)? Since believers are born again of the Spirit (John 3:5-7), renewed by the Spirit (Titus 3:5), and are the temple of the Spirit (1 Corinthians  6:19), it is foolish to disregard the Spirit’s work and try to live in the flesh. As Paul implies, having begun in the Spirit, we will become mature only in the Spirit.”

Benediction: Lord, allow me, your servant, to go in peace. I have experienced your salvation which you have prepared for everyone. Uphold me as I seek to serve in your name. Amen.


Mission Spot: Bangladesh

Appreciating the Great Gift of Education in Bangladesh

Education is life changing.

The 83 children at Bandarban and Rwangchary hostels come from remote areas of the Bandarban Hills in Bangladesh where there are no local education facilities. Since 2009 the Bandarban Hills Churches of Christ have assisted 12 students complete secondary school with good results and four students have completed higher secondary. Currently we have four students doing their final year of higher secondary education.

Our aim is to train and educate the children beginning with primary education through to high secondary level (eleventh standard). Very few of them can afford further studies beyond the assistance offered through the Bandarban hostels.

The members of the hostel management committee are selected from the guardians committee and the church board members. This joint committee meets once a month. The guardians committee appreciates the hostel mentoring and caring for their children.

In the words of children from the hostels, “We appreciated GMP for their great contribution toward us. We pray for you every day in our morning and evening devotions. This program has bought great change into our lives.”
Vana Bawn, Bangladesh