Jesus Has Risen

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.’ (Matthew 28:6)

Imagine what Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were feeling as they walked towards the tomb where Jesus had been buried. They must have still been shaking with fear and disbelief at the happenings of the previous few days. Their beloved Jesus was dead, cruelly crucified. The one they had followed and talked with and ministered to and adored for several years lay in a tiny, dark tomb.

Adding to their fears there came a violent earthquake. That alone would have shaken them terribly, but the surprises kept coming as they approached the tomb. An angel greeted them at the tomb, sitting on the rock which had blocked the burial place of Jesus. I reckon I would have headed for the hills at that point! The angel tells them not to be afraid. Really? After all that had happened – now this. It was not what they had expected, I’m sure.

Or did they?

During our home group studies in Mark’s gospel, I have become increasingly convinced that the two Marys, as well as some of the other women, had a far greater understanding of what the ministry of Jesus was all about. ‘He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.’ Try not to overlook little statements like that in the Bible. Jesus had given them many plain statements about what was going to happen. Most of the male disciples seemed to have defective hearing. They just didn’t get it. He had plainly told them that he was going to rise from the dead.

How plainly do I have to put this? Jesus has risen. Hallelujah! He has risen victorious over sin and death. Hallelujah! The tomb could not hold him; our faith is based on an empty tomb – and a risen, living saviour. That should cause us all to rejoice – and again I say rejoice!



Murraylands Service tomorrow

Our next service at the Murraylands Homes for the Aged will be held tomorrow.

Tuesday    15th April    2pm    Jean Jarvis Centre    Pugh Avenue   Murray Bridge

Worship leader: Grant  Spangenberg

Speaker: Neil Page

Come along for a great time of fellowship and a few laughs over afternoon tea.


Special Services during Holy Week

This is a special reminder about the special events happening in our church this during Holy Week:

Daily reflections: Monday to Thursday 7:30am – 8am

Maundy Thursday: 7:30pm

Good Friday: 9am

Resurrection Sunday:     Dawn Service 6:30am Sturt Reserve followed by Worship 10am


Hosanna in the highest heaven

One of my earliest experiences is etched indelibly in my memory. I had only just started school when I went on my first excursion. It was a warmish day and we headed to the Renmark Oval. I remember sitting quite bored on the grass for hours. Suddenly the thousands of children around me burst into cheering and wildly started waving their flags. I waved too as the young Queen Elizabeth went past on the back of a Landrover ute. In just a few seconds all the excitement was over.

Australia is about to experience another royal visit, this time the Queen’s grandson. Her great grandson is the centre of everyone’s attention. It seems that our country is not yet ready to embrace the idea of a republic. The royal family can still pull an appreciative crowd.

In his day Jesus could also pull an appreciative crowd. Throughout his ministry the multitudes flocked to him, pressing in on him, crowds looking for healing and miracles. Many also came to hear his teaching for when he spoke they heard someone ‘speaking with authority.’

Today, Palm Sunday, we remember his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, riding on a colt. ‘Hosanna in the highest!’ they all cried out as they spread their cloaks on the ground in front of him. Imagine the contrast with a few days later when Jesus stood before Pilate. Listen to the yelling, jeering, angry crowd. ‘Crucify him!’ was their cry.

Look afresh as the mob pressed in upon his recently flogged body as he was led to Calvary carrying that shameful cross. The cursing and jeering continued, even from the thief on the cross. Oh, how our Saviour suffered in our place, for our sin, and so that we could enjoy eternal life in Him.


Adelaide Men’s Convention early bird registrations


We all like saving money – right?

Early bird registrations to this year’s Adelaide Men’s Convention close this Friday 11th April.

The convention will be on Saturday 10th May.

You can register online here:

On the website you can also access a message given by this year’s speaker on Father’s Day – so you can get a feel for his style of teaching.

SPECIAL OFFER:  at no extra cost you can also listen to all previous messages from the last 3 conventions on the website. How’s that for a bargain? A total of 9 messages for the cost of $0. Can’t get any cheaper than that.

Why not get a car load of mates together and enjoy further savings in fuel? As a bonus, for no extra cost, I’ll throw in free fellowship with your mates for a day.

It’s an offer too good to refuse.


Three kinds of meals

Today I would like to focus on three different meals. The first will be eaten by many of us as we share in fellowship over a meal in someone’s home. MASH* Sundays have become very popular over the years. They are great ways of enjoying one another’s company over a meal. They are also a wonderful way to get to know people in our congregation, especially those we may not know very well. I trust everyone will enjoy their time today. If you cannot be a part of the event today, we plan to have another later this year.

The second meal will be a very simple one. As a part of our worship every Sunday we obey Jesus to remember him. As we gather around the Lord’s Table we are following a long tradition in Christian churches worldwide. This simple meal – some bread and some grape juice – is of course, far from just a tradition. We observe it as a fundamental tenet of our faith. It takes our focus off our sinful selves and brings us humbly to the foot of the cross, helping us to acknowledge that without the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and the pouring out of his blood, we would be lost.

The third meal occurred many years ago in that Upper Room. Jesus gathered his disciples to observe the Passover meal. ‘And while they were eating, He took some bread…And He took a cup.’ (Mark 14) This was shortly before the distress Jesus felt as he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. It was only hours before he was betrayed and arrested. Later that night he was tried and condemned to be crucified.

As often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes.’ (1 Cor. 11)


*MASH = Meals At Someone’s Home

Change your clocks tonight

Daylight Saving ends tonight.

This is a gentle reminder to everyone living in South Australia that we all need to put our clocks and watches back an hour this evening because daylight saving ends.

I hope that you all appreciate an extra hour to get ready for church. Why not spend that extra time in prayer for the preacher and worship leader, and for reading the Bible?

I am sure you will receive a great blessing as a result.


Come along to church on Sunday

This is an invitation to all in the Murray Bridge region to come along to our worship service this Sunday Sunday 6th April at 10am. Our church is located at 32 Seventh Street just a two minute walk from the main street, Bridge Street.

Our worship leader will be elder David Mills and our preacher will be Pastor Grant Spangenberg.

The service includes communion for all who wish to take part.

We conclude our time together over a cuppa in the Coffee Shop.

Come along for a great time of fellowship, worship, praise and meditation upon God’s greatness in giving us Jesus as our Saviour.


MASH next Sunday

This coming Sunday 6th April we will be having our first M.A.S.H. for the year.

MASH stands for Meals At Someone’s Home. About seven or eight homes have volunteered as host homes and everyone in the church fellowship is allocated a home to visit. Hosts organise with guests what food to bring to share for lunch.

After lunch everyone enjoys a time of fellowship and getting to know one another. How this is organised is entirely up to the host couple. It could include just chatting, spending time in prayer for one another, looking at the host couple’s garden or even going for a walk in the neighbourhood, weather permitting.

Another MASH is planned for later in the year, along with fellowship lunches in the Church Coffee Shop.